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Commonly Asked Questions:

1) Will the map or the app get me banned? NO. Simply put, it won't! Neither the map, nor the app, get any information from your Pokemon Go account at all. The map/app are completely separate entities from your PoGo account, so there is no risk.

2) Does my subscription auto-renew/how do I renew? The subscriptions we offer do not auto-renew, it is based off a per-month system. We send an email alerting you of your time lapse 2-3 days prior to us deactivating your account. To renew you simply come back to this website and re-purchase!

3) Can you cover my area (insert area)? We attempt to expand once the maps are in a stable operating status, so feel free to send us an email asking for certain spots, but understand that we may not be able to cover it. If that is the case, we will try to find someone that does/will cover your region!

4) Why is the map down? This is a large question that can have many different answers based on the day. It can range from us having server issues (less common), to our third-party software suppliers having their own server issues. We work to provide the map as often as we possibly can, but some things are beyond our control.

5) Do you compensate for the map being down? We most certainly do! We track the time that the map is down and we make sure that you are compensated for this time.

6) Do I renew my subscription through the app (iPhone users)? No. The purchases in the app are specifically for the developer of the app, which is not us. I encourage supporting him with the one-time donation that unlocks a notification range of 10 km, as opposed to the free default range of 250m (two football fields roughly).

7) My login credentials stopped working out-of-nowhere. As stated above, we email you a few days before your time lapses, but these emails can get absorbed by your spam box. Make sure to check your spam, and if there is nothing from us, please send us an email!

8) Misc. notification errors or the map is having general glitching errors. Sometimes there can be conflicting commands based on your notifications and updates we push. The first step to this is to clear your Firefox cache and import your settings if you have them saved. Not saving your settings will force you to re-work everything you have when you clear your cache, but it may be the only way.

9) I zoom out and I get connectivity issues. This is the map software's way of preventing a lock-up because there're too many Pokemon in your search area. To circumvent this, zoom out very slowly and let the Pokemon fill in before zooming out further. You can also hide the most abundant Pokemon you do not need to see in order to improve speed and reliability.